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Question about building GDTF Files and seeing beams on MA3


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Hi all, I wanted to ask about being able to see beams for a fixture I've been working on. When I import previously built GDTF files in an MVR from VW to MA3, I have no issues with beams. When I built a profile for the Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Wash, I ran into some issues with the beam not being visible. In the 3d visualizer I see a black and yellow caution over the beam itself when I turn on the fixture.  I'm also having issues with default DMX values (such as shutter open, color @full) when I import into MA. Lastly, how do I delete my old revisions from the GDTF site for the fixture?

Keep up the good work everyone. I plan to add a solid handful of profiles from our inventory.

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Hello @StNic54,

thanks for all the work, great!

When defining the beam, make sure to use Beam geometry (most likely you did), make sure to use correct Beam type (Spot/Wash), as leaving it defined as None would only provide a "glow" from the geometry but no beam would be drawn. Also, make sure that the geometry is not blocked by another geometry obstructing the output and also that the beam is facing correct way, see here:



As for the defaults, this sounds like a MA specific issue of maybe even version specific. Default values are defined per ChannelFunction. Also, there is the Highlight value, which is different from Default.

To delete a revision, use the three dots menu → Delete:



See more about files management in this post:





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