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Relation Setup in GDTF


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Hey everybode,


im realy new in the Topic of creating GDTF Files. Im Trying to generate a Fixture for a Eurolite MFX-5. Until now, everything worked very well for me.


Im trying to define the Mode of 16 Channels.

But im having Problems to setup the right relations for the GDTF.

 I've Setup the Geometry and it works fine. (Every Tilt has it own DMX-Channel)


I have one DimmerChannel (for 5 Beams) at Adress 7.

I've tried a lot to got it Working with GrandMa3 onPC.


So maybe somebody can told me, what is the right way, to Setup the Dimmer to the 5 Beams?


I've tried to override the Virtual Dimmer Channels of the Beams with the DMX-Dimmer at Adress 7. But it doesn't work in the Visualizer of GrandMA3.


I Hope somebody can Help to setup.


Best Regards




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