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  1. Hi Petr, Thank you, Please find attached the file Ayrton@Zonda_9_FX@V1.181WIP20.gdtf
  2. Hello everyone, I create a device using 3 and a half universes in a break, The break contains 588 pixels in RGB, The save works but when I open the file in the builder, the builder shows me several errors Probably a bug to fix 🙂 Cheers.
  3. Hi Benni, For solve this problem, just choose "Base" for linked géométrie linked to Dimmer In this case, Dimmer control all the "Beam"
  4. Hello, For prism rotation you must choose Prism(n)Pos or Prism(n)Rotate
  5. Hello, I searched without result for a master mode user manual, which I think is the key to my problem, I want to block my zoom range in 3D when a prism, frost, etc. type element is inserted to get closer to reality, What's the right way to do it? Cheers.
  6. Hello, Let me come back to this topic, it is now possible to transfer a gdtf to a MA2 fixture while keeping a functional 3D, only for products with a single emitter however, my question is: - is it planned to do the same with multi instances ?
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