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Beam/Shutter, Focus/Zoom on American DJ Inno Pocket Z4 won't work.


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Searching for a solution; Am I in the right place, here?

I’m setting up a show in GrandMa2 onPc and MA3D.

I put six American DJ Inno Pocket Z4 lighting fixtures in the patch from the library.

I’m trying to gain surgical control over the beam in these fixtures.

In the real world they have a 10-60 degree beam angle and Zoom.

I absolutely have to have control of this zoom range.

However, the fixture won’t zoom, so:

I read everything in the help file twice about editing fixtures and attempted to solve the problem:

I opened Fixture Types, selected the mentioned Z4, and selected “Edit” at lower left.

Set “Beam Angle” to 60 in Module Manager; left Intensity at 0.

Channel 5 is listed as “ZOOM”; it had no settings, so I set Default to 0, and Highlight to 100.

Checked it by selecting “Edit Row.”

Doesn’t work---in any Channel Modes.

Tried other related settings; zoom still won’t work.

Also, “Beam/Shutter” doesn’t work. When at full, beam shows on stage, open or closed here.

Also, “Focus/Zoom” doesn’t work. Beam doesn’t change shape.

I’m pretty much out of my knowledge base here.


My primary concern is the Zoom, but I need all control over the beam shape.fffff ffjjj

Can someone help me out here, please?


Thank you.


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