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No Relations exported

NRG Sille

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Hey there,

I create the profiles with MA3onPC or directly with editor after extracting the discriptions file. It goes a lot faster for me to add and edit channel sets. To have a proper gdtf file, I make the fine tuning in the gdtf builder, but it often messes up my settings, for example all the pretty names for the attributes. Sometimes I have to edit something in the builder, but after exporting / uploading the file all the relations are missing and the attributes got the default pretty names.

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Hi Sille,

unfortunately, I can not recreate an issue related to the export of relations.

What did I do:

  • Exported fixture profile with virtual Dimmer (= Relations) from grandMA3 as a GDTF
  • Imported this into the Builder
  • Uploaded the file to the GDTF share
  • Opened the file in the Builder again
  • No issues with the relations.

Could you please attach the profile that made the issues? 

The pretty names of the attributes from the GDTF attribute definition are not supposed to be changed by the user. The builder will use the original pretty names for attributes that are defined in the attribute definition. Nevertheless, a custom pretty name can be defined for a custom attribute.

What is your intention to change the pretty name of an attribute?





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Hi Daniel, my intension is, to have a unique subscription of equal channel functions - for example a shutter channel with multiple open channel sets - If I create a description directly with xml and import it to ma3 it works with unique names, but the fixture builder always changes the pretty names of a channel function from eg "Pulse Open" to "Shutter1StrobePulseOpen" and in MA3 this name will be imported. The problem is that the name is too long for all the tabs, that will display in MA3 and you always will read "Shutter1Strobe..." wich does not help if you search for a certain strobe function.


I already found out why the relation were gone. It was because I reassigned the RGB attributes to another geometry were the virtual dimmer was related to

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I guess I found the issue. The GDTF export of the grandMA3 does not export the file with the custom name of the channel function but with the default name (which is "Name of the Attribute <blank> Index of the channel function -> e.g. Dimmer 1).

If I change the name of a channel function in the GDTF Builder, upload the file and open it again in the builder everything is fine.

The grandMA3 displays the custom name of a channel function only when you edit a fixture type. The encoder bar does not display the name of the channel function but the pretty name of the attribute that is assigned to the channel function. 

Pretty names of attributes in grandMA3: If you import a fixture type that has custom pretty names for its attributes these custom pretty names will only be used in the grandMA3 if the attribute does not exist. If the attribute already exists in the attribute definition (Menu - Patch - Attribute Definitions) the grandMA3 will use the properties of the existing attribute. This is the same behavior as it is in grandMA2.

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