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Hi All,

I'm in the midst of coding a GDTF file viewer for a project I'm working on. I'm currently trying to make sure that I have all the possible attributes listed so that my program doesn't error when a user uploads a GDTF file. 

Is there an XML file (description.xml) which has every attribute and property in it so that I can use it for parsing and testing?

 Thanks all!

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Hi @hantoo,

sounds great. Is the result available somewhere or is this internal only?

I do not think such gdtf file exists or makes much sense, but there is the XSD: https://gitlab.com/petrvanek/gdtf-libraries/-/blob/master/gdtf.xsd

Also, you can see most frequently used attributes in the attached report.

You can try our (Robe) files and report if anything seems odd, but as they are assembled by the GDTF Builder, they should be all semantically good.

Hope this helps



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Hey @petrvanek,

At the moment its a personal project for integration with Unity, however the more it matures as a project over time, the likelihood is that I'd be happy to release it.

I'll take a look at the XSD. 

I'm currently using the Robe files as a base to generate a XML C# serialiser. I'm just worried that if I put in a GDTF file of a fixture that had an animation wheel, and the robe file I've generated the serialiser base with doesn't - than I'd loose having that as functionality within my scripts as it was never implemented. I guess this is something I just need to keep an eye on and adjust where necessary. 

Thanks 🙂



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