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  1. petrvanek

    GDTF file validation

    Let me add here, that lots of the extensive validation work has been part of some of the recent, now available revision of the builder (or the backend library, respectively). So previously made files can show "errors" that were not observable (by the builder) before. These are. as usual, marked red in particular sections and the Summary tab of the builder now lists of all these errors, with their description.
  2. petrvanek

    GDTF file validation

    Hi Lars, technically, i believe we use the same backend used by the builder, to parse the library during upload. cheers P.
  3. petrvanek

    Download GDTF File Without Uploading

    The data in the editor is being processed server side on the builder backend. Not necessarily stored permanently, but there is the shorttime period when this happens. Nobody is watching this data, but from technical perspective, the server is involved. At this point, there are discussions about how to make this better for manufacturers, but at the same time, we want to make sure that the free to use builder is also providing useful data back to users.
  4. petrvanek

    GDTF-Share--->Fixture Builder????

    Hi @David "Rex" Whalen, Can you perhaps post info from the developer console of your browser? This is invoked by F12, then select "Console" tab. Errors would be red, so you can see them well. The builder is not flash based, this is pure HTML5 application. You may try to disable add-ons (in your browser), perhaps something is colliding (for me it does work with UBlock Origin). Cheers
  5. petrvanek

    Epixstrip Tour Chauvet

    Dear @costa, i don't think so... look: https://gdtf-share.com/gdtf.php?page=home&query=strip&man=1&fix=1&rev=1&use=0 Kind Regards Petr
  6. petrvanek

    GDTF-Share--->Fixture Builder????

    Just tried on Windows 8 Pro (Chrome, Firefox), all without issues, our GDTF person is using it daily from Win10 systems and i use it daily from my Debian Linux with Firefox (Chrome, Chromium also tested) without any issues.
  7. petrvanek

    Whip/Positional Tag

    Yes, orientation of the axis is given, which allows for moving heads but also for moving mirrors to work. We clarify this a bit more in 1.1 for moving mirrors (scanners). The pigtail position then indicates the real (cable connection) position, giving you the true orientation of the device. See our fixtures, their pigtail is in correct place in relation to pan/tilt movement. Also the SilverScan works well in visualizers, thanks to it's default "stand up" orientation, aligning the axes "correctly".
  8. petrvanek

    Whip/Positional Tag

    Yes, Rex is correct, the pigtail is to indicate the orientation for correct model→real device alignment.
  9. petrvanek

    ROBE Lighting GDTF files

    Strange. Do right click → Save link as. I will upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Anyways, i made a small mistake (didn't rotate the head one more time) so had to do a bit of time travel via copy/paste while editing, so am thinking to re-capture it, that is why i didn't upload it to any of the platforms yet...
  10. petrvanek

    ROBE Lighting GDTF files

    We have uploaded updated Robin megaPointe, Robin LEDWash 800X, Robin SilverScan and Robin Viva CMY to the share this week. Also, i have created a short video screen-cast on how to prepare 3D models for usage in the GDTF Builder, by using only freely available tools, see it here: http://spares.robe.cz/static/images/gdtf_split_models.mp4
  11. petrvanek

    ROBE Lighting GDTF files

    Dear all, we have been producing tests files for a long time and have switched into a final version releases now. What we are aiming for is about one library a week. What takes longest is physical attributes measurements (movement, strobing, iris...) and testing to match visualization. The rest - models preparation, geometries, media content, color-metric data, DMX... is possible to do in about two/three days. You can find our files under our official account: https://gdtf-share.com/gdtf.php?page=home&query=robe lighting&man=0&fix=0&rev=0&use=1 And what we are missing is feedback - we do receive some from our customers, but are open to further information in case anything strange/bad is found, so please feel free to report here or to our dedicated email libraries@robe.cz . thank you
  12. petrvanek

    Does GDTF specify layout within a channel?

    Hi all, best way to understand this is not to think about how you control it, but how will a visualizer know what to do. So you have Shutter open/closed, Strobe, Strobe Pulsing opening/closing etc. As each of these require different way to visualize, each requires a new Channel Function with it's attribute. cheers Petr
  13. petrvanek

    Scroll bar On Models

    Hi Matt, thank you for bringing this up. Yes, this is has recently been reported and will be fixed in next builder update, cheers P.
  14. petrvanek

    how to create multple beams on a single object

    Hi NRG Sille, >but if I leave the reference without a patch if you do not patch the beam geometry, visualizers will need to instantiate it and give it an intensity by the grand master, which the user will not be able to dim down... >It seems that every beam has to assigned to a seperate geometry. You would typically do a reference geometry. Cheers P.
  15. petrvanek

    blue screen on the builder

    Hello, we do actively test and use Firefox and Chrome. What browser do you use? It is not clear from your screenshot. Work is typically not lost, but stored in browser local storage, re-opening the page allows you to re-load the last edited file. thank you Petr

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