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  1. petrvanek

    Builder Problem

    Hi @tk11de, i am very sorry for the data loss. I know exactly what this feels like, and it is a terrible experience. I have raised a priority of this in our tracker. For the most time, the builder is very, very stable, but the Macro tab has something wrong, which causes even the local session to be corrupted. Please make incremental saves in the meanwhile, before fix is deployed. Kind regards Petr
  2. petrvanek

    Macro freeezing when DMX mode are copied

    @Paolo.Prolightsthank you for the report and sorry about the issue, i have reported it to developers. Hopefully we can catch the bug. It is the Macro tab which can cause it sometimes, so make sure to always save before going there. If you find a way to replicate this issue easily, let me know, for me this does not happen every time (i replicated this only once). Thank you Petr
  3. petrvanek

    Linear CCT channel in MA3 3d visualization

    FYI, CCT was working in Vision last time i tried. cheers P.
  4. petrvanek

    Download entire Library

    Btw here is the GDTF Share in numbers as of this morning. gdtf_share_report_May_7_2020.html
  5. Thanks @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.comand others for the GDTF conversation on LD at Large Podcast. Good conversation, questions and answers. Here is the episode: https://plsn.com/podcasts/gdtf-or-gtfo-podcast/ Below are some of my notes and comments, mostly from the Robe side, feel free to ask for more clarification. - Matt kicks the discussion off by explaining that GDTF is not only a DMX profile but a container with data which a console, planning tool or a visualizer can use for their internal use cases. - Discussions about Media Servers, "standard vs custom" mapping/profile, the bottom line is: besides "standard profiles", Media Server can generate GDTF on the fly, even for a "non standard mapping", the GDTF advantage is that now it can be implemented by the software only once in a open, standard format → GDTF, rather then having to implement each manufacturer's library type/style. Plus, there are media server specific features in GDTF 1.1. - Discussions about attributes and naming: - will attributes grow out of proportion while still allowing custom ones? The development group tries to be flexible and at the same time good gatekeepers of attributes. For a simple explanation, Attributes, for the most time, describe real-world behavior, which is then implemented by visualizers. This can help a lot when choosing/searching for a correct attribute. - can channels be named by the user? Yes, GDTF provides possibility of naming channels/channel functions via the Pretty (this is used in a global context on MA3). The first ChannelFunction of a channel would also be considered when looking for a channel name, so it's Name and OriginalAttribute values should be used, by convention. - where do we request new attributes? Requests for attributes can be submitted via forum. - where do we request new attributes/features? Either via forum or developers can join our technical meeting. People do actually join, on occasions or regularly. We do see representatives of ETC, Chamsys and others in the bi-weekly Zoom call. - Is detail about shortcut of movement of an element defined - Yes, this is supported via dedicated attributes. - Can random strobe be 100% emulated? At this point not to the extend to 100% replicate exact behavior (algorithm) which often is not available, but randomness is supported. - Are weight, power draw of a device supported by GDTF? Yes, these parameters are part of the soon to be published 1.1 version. - What about clamps weight? Clamp/adapter/accessories can be an extra GDTF file. Also, GDTFs could be linked to each other. The planning software then can use there values to calculate total weight. - Is iris open/close at 0/1 or 1/0? We define the real world behavior in GDTF. User then can modify the behavior of the console in the console. - Who "signs off" a GDTF file? Ideally, a fixture manufacturer is the one who makes the file. Having responsibility for one file (GDTF) is, while still quite complex, possible. Cheers Petr
  6. petrvanek

    Value inheritance without assigned DMX-Channels

    Thank you, issue reported.
  7. petrvanek

    Different dimension between 3ds and builder

    @Paolo.Prolightsyes, we have seen the same. After some testing and seeing the 25.4 multiplier, it became clear that this is mm to imperial conversion issue. Setting Skepchup to mm did not help. Simply re-converting in other tool (meshlab) did fix the problem.
  8. petrvanek

    Download entire Library

    At this point, i do not think anybody else besides Robe has manufacturer's label, from what i can see. Nice to see Arri and Ayerton now have these too, great! Per my stats, the entire library is some ~850MB (with some possible duplicates in my data, i will take care of those in the future).
  9. petrvanek

    Download entire Library

    Thank you. Yes, this request is now already being tracked.
  10. petrvanek

    ROBE Lighting GDTF files

    Hi @Hanz_Brech, the intensity in beam and in corresponding IES should be the same. IES gives you much more precision and information → this being details how the measurements have been taken and also about the field of the beam. But then, it depends on how much precision is needed in your application. More precision can also also more calculating power... cheers P.
  11. petrvanek

    Color Temp and Color Index

    Hello, for "color temp" you can use attribute CTO and define from/to color temperature. This is the Attribute: Controls the fixture's "Correct to orange" wheel or mixing system. CTO For your filters, if i understand correctly, the best is to create a Wheel (in the wheel tab), add Slots and assign them colors. Then, link these wheel slots to your Colors in ColorWheel or better color ColorMacro attribute's ChannelSets, in DMX. Hope this helps Petr
  12. petrvanek

    Download entire Library

    @szapocan you please elaborate further on your use-case please? Thank you Petr
  13. petrvanek

    ROBE Lighting GDTF files

    Hello @Hanz_Brech, thank you for your interest. The provided spectral data, provided in GDTF right now, are about intensity, color and color spectrum. IES files are about light/intensity distribution. What you do with the data and how you apply is completely up to you. So feel free to grab the provided files and cross compare or apply in any other way. Kind regards Petr
  14. petrvanek

    Download entire Library

    Hello @szapo, at this point, this function is not available but we are discussing it's future return. Cheers Petr cc: @dmueller
  15. petrvanek

    Visualization GMA3 / Vision

    I have found some of your files @lyon470 and can see the issue with them. Models must be drawn with local coordinates at 0,0,0 and the offset (related to its parent geometry) is then given by geometry offset attribute. Typically, this is Z, negative. Your base and head are correct, but Yoke has to be modeled/moved about see image below, when offsets have been put to 0. Also, these models are huge. GDTF spec says: All models from a device combined should have a maximum vertices count of 900 to 1200. Your models in total have 13000 in some cases. Cheers P.

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