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  1. Hmm, i am not sure and cannot check right now what MA3 version we are using currently. But, no issues discovered here, we would report it otherwise. Let me add @dmueller in cc, but i am sure he has seen your post in the MA forum.
  2. You can. You should specify 1.1 header if you start using 1.1 attributes and other things <GDTF DataVersion="1.1"> In the current builder, it will throw few errors, but it will open. You can see a work in progress file here: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=4202 This is not a continuous rotation fixture, but it is a GDTF 1.1 file, so you can see what happens upon opening.
  3. Dear Paolo, sure, this has been implemented in GDTF 1.1 as PanRotate/TiltRotate, released earlier this year as DIN SPEC 15800. These are attributes that have AngularSpeed as their Physical Unit, and you can already use them. The Builder will have this in version 1.4.x, which is currently being tested and will be released very soon.
  4. Hi @Ringen, at this point, for traditional moving heads, the geometry selection dot not affect much. It is with multi "level", multi pixel fixtures, where this is part of the elementary structure how the file is built and it is important. Some of our files had historically been done differently and they could contain some previously used structure. Thank you for noticing and reporting, when doing some modifications, we will change the mapping. Cheers Petr
  5. @Shmifyy sorry for the late response. Can you try to reset your password using the Forgot password link? ( https://gdtf-share.com/apis/forgotPassword.php )
  6. @helendeneb In my view it could be done this way, but as we specialize mostly on the actual fixtures not scenic pieces, i am not sure if there perhaps any better, more recommended way. I would suggest to contact MA directly. cc: @dmueller
  7. @Alfeltsld it seems as you have done everything right, as @David "Rex" Whalen said, best place to report this would be VW forum directly, as this feels like VW/Vision issue. cheers Petr
  8. We have tested and all seems ok from this side of the world. Is the file still giving you issues @ARRI-GDTF? If yes, any chance to post it? Thank you
  9. Hi @ARRI-GDTF previously, it could be due to size (the break off was around 5MB) but that limit was removed. I Just tested with about 5MB file (4,775,196 bytes) and all went smooth. But our guys have reported some hiccups yesterday too, from what i know, server configuration was being updated slightly, so this could have been it. Please try now, but from what i can see, it should be all OK.
  10. Hello @chris@stagelitedesigns.com, it is up to every manufacturer to do this work and some are already working on it. Do not forget that MA2 profiles dealt pretty much only with DMX. GDTF is solving much broader scope - DMX and channel dependencies, media (gobos and animations), prisms, 3D models, physical data (angles, color and spectral data) and also physical speed data (rotations, time of movement, acceleration). This means much more work and it does not happen overnight, but i would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of your lighting fixtures and ask for GDTF files, becau
  11. Yes, the very intention of GDTF is that the format itself is open and free to implement and use, the builder is free to use and intentionally it encourages you to upload the file publicly online, as the whole intention of GDTF has been to fix the issue of proprietary vendor lock in formats. It still allows design studios to design custom stuff for clients either via Builder and delete, or via custom software implementations, which are very simple, given the open and also readable nature of the whole specification. We do not do any dark pattern stuff on the server or in transit to keep or look
  12. Hello @walter.lutzu, thank you for the report. I believe this was already addressed, but am not sure if that version has been released yet (this is more for the VW forum), but let me add @klinzey of VectorWorks here in copy (thank you Kevin!), cheers Petr
  13. Hi all, we have released a big update of the GDTF Builder, which includes several months of work on improvements, bugfixes and features. Our main focus has been on enhancing the user experience of the editing workflow and on eliminating bugs. To help to reduce crashes and issues, we have now deployed Sentry.io, application monitoring platform, to help us to reproduce bugs and fix issues faster. This is the reason why we have re-enabled the consent with Terms of use screen, on first signing in. The list of changes is very long and includes more then 100 items, let me describe few of t
  14. Dear @Paolo.Prolights, this looks like good work, few changes here and there, mostly nit-picking: - RDM missing, but might not be included - you use "Parent physical" in most places, which is mostly fine, except Wheels, where you should use ChannelSet PhysicalFrom/PhysicalTo values, to indicate whether the these are proportional or step values - the models is slightly bigger then needed (vertex wise) but i would not change it - if i understand it right, the Strobing could all be within one ChannelFunction, with ChannelSets defining the Slow/Medium/Fast DMX + PhysicalFr
  15. Hi @tk11de, on the beginning of this week, we have rolled out a big maintenance update to the builder, which (besides a bunch of good new features) includes several fixes against data loss. Kind Regards Petr
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