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I'm not sure what thinking is behind this property.  Typically 'snap' behaviour is a function rather than channel level property (for example in a shutter control, I would consider 'closed' and 'open' function ranges as 'snap' while strobe rate is not (ie. fadable/proportional/preferred terminology).  I know we used to have a similar instant/fade property in the old Classic software which was helpful if, for example, you had two or more controls in a cue a fade time would apply to controls set to fade (for example pan/tilt or dimmer etc.) whereas those set to 'instant' would go to that value immediately (for example something like gobo).  But this was in software from simpler times where a cue could only have a global fade time.  Now it is possible to specify times per control per cue in many consoles making this mostly obsolete.  The reason I mention this is I'm not sure how many controllers or visualisers currently utilise this or what they do with it (in terms of what your expectations might be).

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