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Add new attribute

Search for the matching attribute in the search field.

If the name entered into the search field does not match an existing attribute, the option to add a new attribute with the desired name is displayed in the attributes list. To add the new user attribute, click to confirm.

Do only add a new custom attribute if you cannot describe the function with the available attribute list.
New attribute select window

The edit custom attribute windows opens.

Edit custom attribute window
  • Enter the pretty name.
  • Select the activation group from the drop down menu or create a new activation group.
Add new activation group
  • Select the feature from the drop down menu or create a new feature.
Add new feature window
  • Select the main attribute from the drop down menu.
  • Select the physical unit from the drop down menu
Physical unit window
  • Click OK and the new attribute is added to the attribute list.
  • To view the new attribute, click on the Attribute tab.
    The new attribute is displayed in the list.
New attribute
  • To edit the new attribute, click on the edit symbol.
It is not possible to edit predefined attributes. Only custom attributes can be edited.
Edit custom attribute window