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Fixture information

When a fixture is selected, a list of the revision is shown. Many fixtures only have one revision. The revision list is displayed as a row with columns offering information about each revision. Selecting a revision displays more detailed information below the revision list.

A vertical bar with the menu icon  is displayed on the left side.

To close and open the Fixture Browser, click this icon. 

The title bar displays the selected manufacturer and fixture type.

Fixture and revision information

The revision list has the following columns:

  • Revision:
    This is the name of the revision. There are also up to five icons that can be used to perform different actions to the revision. For more information read below.
  • Modes:
    This is the number of DMX modes in the revision.
  • Rating:
    Each revision can be rated. The stars show the average rating by the users. The amount of users who have rated the revision is displayed in brackets. If you have rated the revision, the stars are glowing to display your rating. Please rate the revision only if you have tested it. You can also leave a comment.
  • By:
    This is the name of the user who uploaded the revision.
  • Tags:
    Each revision has three tags. These indicate the status of the revision. For more information read below.
  • Min Version:
    This displays the GDTF version of this revision.
  • Date added:
    This is the date and time the revision was uploaded.
Revision icons

Revision icons

Each revision has up to five icons displayed next to the revision name.

Download :
To start a download of this revision, click this icon. 

Edit :
To edit the revision name of the file you have uploaded, click this icon.

This icon is visible only if you have uploaded the file yourself.

Delete File :
To delete the revision of the file you have uploaded, click this icon.

This icon is visible only if you have uploaded the file yourself. 

Favorite :
To toggle this icon between gray and white, click it.

White - the file/revision is marked as one of your favorite files. All your favorite files can be listed on the Favorite Files page and can be downloaded in one zip file from the Download files page.

Report :

To write a report on the revision, click this icon.

  1. A pop-up opens.
  2. Write the report and click Report this.
  3. To close the pop-up without reporting, click Cancel.  


Revision tags

Each revision has three tags. The first two tags have toggle functions.

  • Gray icon means that it is not true.
  • White icon means that it is true.

Tested on real fixture :

This revision is tested by a user. Please only tag the revision if you have tested the revision on a real fixture and found it useful.

Contains tested 3D models :
This revision is tested by a user with a 3D visualisation software. Please only tag this revision if you have tested the file with a 3D visualisation software and found it useful.

Manufacturer :

This revision was uploaded by the manufacturer of the fixture.


Revision Information

Information about the selected revision is displayed below the list of revisions. 

If any of the Revision Tags are active in the file, there is further information about the tags. For instance, it lists which users have tagged the file.

There is also information about the channels and what attribute each channel controls. This information can be viewed in two versions: Plain View or Smart View. It can be toggled by clicking the gray text next to the DMX modes heading. The smart view divides the channels into the geometries of the fixture. If the fixture only has one geometry, there is no difference between the two views.

The Revision History is displayed below the DMX information.

The box Comments is displayed on the right side.

Write and submit comments here.

It is possible to view any comment from other fixture share users.

To help other users, always comment on GDTF files.