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Download files

The Download files page is used to download a zip file with multiple GDTF files inside.

To access Download files, click the  icon in the title bar.

Multiple download window

There are several checkboxes:

  • Latest revision:
    Downloads the latest revision of each file.
  • Tested in real life (IRL):
    These are the files tagged "Tested in real life".
  • Contains tested 3D models:
    These are the files tagged "Contains tested 3D models".
  • Uploaded by manufacturer:
    These are the files with the "Manufacturer" tag.
  • Rating:
    These files are based on the user rating. There is a drop-down menu that allows to select if the rating set in the stars should be equal to, smaller than, or bigger than the rating set in the stars next to the drop-down.
  • Version:
    Select the GDTF version number from the drop-down menu.
If a version is not specified, a large number of files could be downloaded which may not be suitable for the version the console or software is using.
Enter the minimum version required or the version your system is running.
  • My favorites:
    These are the GDTF files marked as favorite. For more information see Favorite files topic.
You can also combine different filters with each other.

To add files related to the zip archive, check the  box.

  1. To download the zip file, click the Download .zip button.
  2. The zip file is downloaded.
  3. Unzip the zip file.

To close the window, click  in the upper right corner.