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Data Format

A GDTF file is a ZIP archive without compression which has the file extension *.gdtf.

GDTF file

A GDTF file consists of an XML file which contains the description and several resource files such as 3D model files and gobo images.

XML file

The ZIP archive contains a description.xml file and resource files. Some of the resource files are located in a folder structure. A characteristic GDTF file looks like this:

  • ./description.xml
  • ./thumbnail.png
  • ./thumbnail.svg
  • ./wheels/gobo1.png
  • ./wheels/gobo2.png
  • ./models/3ds/base.3ds
  • ./models/3ds/yoke.3ds
  • ./models/svg/base.svg
  • ./models/svg/yoke.svg

The GDTF file can be unzipped after changing the file extension to *.zip to inspect its content.