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The GDTF Share is a platform for the exchange of GDTF files.

GDTF files from various manufacturers are available here for download. GDTF files built by other users are also available and users can upload their own GDTF files.

There is detailed information for each GDTF file. The DMX modes, DMX footprint, notes, and revision history can be viewed without having to download the files first.

Each GDTF file uploaded can have comments, ratings, and different tags. This makes it possible to identify the quality of GDTF files. 

Entire collections of GDTF files can be downloaded in one zip file.

GDTF Share Website

The following manual includes descriptions of the functions and introduces you step by step into the application of the GDTF Share.

The main website to start from is

To have full access to the menus, create an account.