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The General Device Type Format (GDTF) is a file format used to describe devices (e.g. fixtures) for the entertainment industry.

The main website to start from is

A GDTF file consists of an XML file that contains the description and several resource files such as geometry data and gobo images. The format for 3D data is glTF or 3DS and for images PNG. These files are bundled in an ZIP archive with a ".gdtf" extension.

The current version of GDTF is: 1.2

The 1.2 version has also been released as DIN SPEC 15800:2022-02 , Entertainment Technology - General Device Type Format (GDTF).

The  DIN SPEC can be downloaded for free from

Development and issue tracking for the GDTF Spec is done in the following GitHub repository:

GDTF files are typically created with GDTF Builder - a custom created web based application. To open the GDTF builder, follow this link:

Fixture types created with the GDTF builder are stored in the central GDTF share database.