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The My Virtual Rig (MVR) format is a file format that is used to share data for a scene between a lighting console, a visualizer, a CAD program or similar tools.

This allows the transfer parametric and geometric data between different programs.

An MVR file consists of an XML file that contains the description of the scene and several resource files such as geometry data, textures and GDTF files. The format for 3D data is glTF or 3DS and for textures PNG.

These files are bundled in an uncompressed ZIP archive with a ".mvr" extension.

All files stored in the archive have to have a SHA-256 checksum file next to the original file. The ending of the checksum file is ".checksum.txt".

The current version of MVR is: 1.5

The  MVR SPEC can be downloaded for free from

Conveniently Vectorworks provides a portable C++ library that can read and write MVR files.

Development is done on GitHub: