Help Pages

Title Bar

The title bar is used to navigate between the different pages of the GDTF Builder. It also contains basic information about the current fixture type and tools to save the GDTF file.

  • Use the Home button to go back to the Start Screen.
  • Use the Undo and Redo buttons to undo or redo the last editing steps.
  • Use the Back and Next buttons to go to the previous or next page.
  • The Summary page gives an overview of every attribute and DMX mode of the fixture type. It will also display errors, e.g. multiple assignments of channels to one DMX address.
  • Use the GDTF Share button to show the current fixture type in the GDTF Share database.
  • Use the Save button to save the current status of the fixture type in the GDTF Share and to download the GDTF file.
Do not use the Home, Back and Forward buttons of the web browser during editing. Using these buttons could lead to loss of data.