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  1. > In the manual it's written: To activate following functions, stop in DMX value for at least 3 seconds.

    > Why did you set 4s in the macros?

    This is because if the timing on the console is not precise (for example 2.9 sec instead of 3.0), the macro would not execute on the device We see this frequently with controllers. As 3 is the minimum value ("at least 3 seconds") , defining it 4 is OK.

    >also do you plan to update them for 'Power / Special Functions' offset? (offset 6)

    Do you mean for the rest of the Special functions? Yes, we can.

    >also, could you please fix the "Slow t ofast" typo 🙂

    I re-reported this to our library maintainer.

  2. Hi Nicolas,

    the T1 Profile now contains several macros:  ColorControl macros (these use just one channel + timing) and also few Control macros (Display on/off) (it uses the control channel + shutter channel + time). You can see the updated file here: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=2522

    Btw, there is an API for software vendors to access the share programmatically, you can email info@gdtf-share.com for access. Larger companies use this API for syncing the share to their own access server.



  3. Hello Juan,

    let me pass this request to our GDTF library team. You can also contact them directly at libraries@robe.cz . We will create the GDTF file which you can then convert into MA2 in the MA share converter.

    Kind regards




  4. Hello @sl1200mk2,

    these are "Virtual channels" - they do not control anything via DMX directly but can be used for example to create a virtual dimmer by adding a relation:


    or allow to control a geometry in a visualizer. So the T11 virtual channels allow the operator to set things like tilt, zoom... in visualizer, based on real physical world values, so visualization can correspond to the real unit.

    Hope this helps.





  5. Hello @sl1200mk2,

    the sets are used in this way to tell the visualizer and the console the exact physical value for exact DMX value in cases where the relationship is not linear. In GDTF 1.2 this is solved by using curves which define relation between physical values and DMX values. In GDTF 1.1, we work around the issue by filling the channel sets. Historically, the builder required the name to be filled in so we did, but this was corrected and the name can be empty, which we try to do now. We will erase the channel set description, this will allow you to identify it as possible to skip and when 1.2 starts being widely used, we will stop using channel sets for this workaround.

  6. On 1/21/2022 at 4:09 AM, philip.c said:

    What is the current status of the file upload validator?

    Is there an API available to submit a file for validation and get back a validation result report?

    The validator for the Share is currently work in progress and at the moment there is no public API for the validation. You can use the XSD schema for offline machine validation if needed.

    Kind regards


  7. 3 hours ago, MPLTD2000 said:

    Hello how can I create a fixture using a 3ds model?
    The model must be imported complete or imported in parts
    Or even all together? Thanks!


    you import individual models, i would suggest to look at some of the videos, mainly look at the training section here:


    Also, look at this forum post, explaining this topic:





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