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I would venture to say that it's with the way in which the 3rd party software[Vision] reads the format.  MA International is one of the leaders in this format development and I would lean towards what they are rendering as a way to validate the GDTF file you're using.  If it visualizes in the web builder, if it visualizes in MA3, but doesn't visualize correctly in Vision....?  H'mmmm...wonder who is odd man out?


Good luck!

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I have found some of your files @lyon470 and can see the issue with them.

Models must be drawn with local coordinates at 0,0,0 and the offset (related to its parent geometry) is then given by geometry offset attribute. Typically, this is Z, negative.

Your base and head are correct, but Yoke has to be modeled/moved about see image below, when offsets have been put to 0.

Also, these models are huge. GDTF spec says:

All models from a device combined should have a maximum vertices count of 900 to 1200.

Your models in total have 13000 in some cases.






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@lyon470 there are some bugs in Vision currently, but those are being worked out and they are known. Don't get too discouraged about the GDTF/MVR import into Vision yet. But @David "Rex" Whalen is correct with if it looks correct in the GDTF Builder and MA3, then it's a safe bet to say it's functioning as you would like it to. 



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