Define fixture

In this section, the basic information of a GDTF file is defined.

  1. Enter the Name of the fixture type. This name is used as part of the GDTF file name.
The GDTF file name is structured Manufacturer@Name@optional Comment.gdtf
  1. Enter the Long name of the fixture type.
  2. Enter the Short name of the fixture type.
The Short name should be as short as possible, but precise enough to describe the fixture type.
The short name is the name used in a consoles patch screen:
  1. Enter the Manufacturer of the fixture type. The Manufacturer is used as part of the GDTF file name.
  2. The Fixture Type ID (GUID) is automatically filled by the GDTF Builder.
  3. To link to a referenced fixture, enter the Unique number (GUID) in the field Linked GDTF.
    In this way, you can refer one fixture to the other, for example the original manufacturer file.
  4. Enter the RDM Manufacturer ID (unique manufacturer ESTA ID).
  5. Enter the RDM Device Model ID (unique ID of the device).
  6. Enter the Fixture Description.

The fixture is defined.

  • To upload a product image, click Upload new image and define the ideal image size.
The supported image file formats are jpg, bmp, png, tiff and gif.
The builder converts the image into the right format.
Define fixture window

To delete a product image, click Delete image

The tabs in the horizontal menu bar (Fixture, Geometry, etc.) are flagged with a green dot as soon as you change any value.