Define geometry

Geometries are the physical description of parts of the device and describe their physical and logical dependencies.

A valid GDTF file has to have at least one geometry.

Par can geometries

For example, a conventional par only uses the body and the beam as geometries.

Par can geometry body
Par can geometry beam

Moving head geometries

The base is the top level geometry.

Moving head geometry base

The yoke is the child of the base, the head is the child of the yoke and the beam is child of the head.

The yoke of a moving head is always PAN. The head is always TILT.
Moving head geometry yoke

When using a fixture template or customizing an existing GDTF file, the relevant geometries are already available and only need to be adapted.

Moving head geometry head
Moving head geometry beam
The tabs in the horizontal menu bar (Fixture, Geometry, etc.) are flagged with a green dot as soon as you change any value.