Navigate the GDTF Share

The main view of the GDTF Share is divided into different sections:

Main view

The Title Bar is displayed on the top of the window.

  • The left side of the title bar provides information on what to do. For instance, "Select Fixture from" is the instruction for browsing through the GDTF files.
  • The right side of the title bar displays different icons that navigate through pages.

An information text is displayed below the title bar on the right side. This info provides assistance with the basic use of the GDTF Share.

Links to the latest uploaded GDTF files are displayed below the information on the right side.

The search input field ("Type your search here") containing options is located on the left side below the title bar. Use the field to search the library for GDTF files.

The navigation for browsing the library is displayed below the search bar.