Add wheels

In this tab, you can add and define all kinds of the fixture’s wheels, such as gobo and color wheels:

Refer to the fixture's DMX table and identify the available wheels, for example color wheel, gobo wheel, animation wheel.
  1. To add a new wheel click Add Wheel.
Add wheel window
  1. To change the name of the wheel click on the edit icon left of the red x.
  2. To delete the wheel click on the red x.
  3. To add a new wheel slot click Add Wheel Slot.
To add multiple wheel slots at once, click the menu symbol in the upper right corner.
Click Add Multiple Wheel Slots and enter the counts.
Color wheel slot window
  1. To select the color, click the edit icon at the end of the line color.
    The color picker opens.
Color picker window
  1. To define a gobo wheel slot, jump to line Gobo and click the edit icon left of the red x and upload the gobo image from your hard drive.
The recommended resolution of a gobo file is 256 x 256 pixels.
The recommended resolution of an animation wheel is 1024 x 256 pixels.
The supported image file formats are jpg, bmp, png, tiff and gif.
The builder converts the image into the right format.
Gobo wheel slot window
  1. To define a prism wheel slot use the Prism Facet configurator.
  2. To open the configurator, click Add Multiple Facets.
  3. Enter the count of facets and their position shift from center.
Add multiple facets window
  • To edit a prism facet, click on the edit symbol.
Prism facets window

The Edit Facet window opens.

Enter the respective values in the corresponding fields.

Edit facet window
The tabs in the horizontal menu bar (Fixture, Geometry, etc.) are flagged with a green dot as soon as you change any value.